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Women with a Segway HT.Two people on a Segway HT
Engineered from the ground up for fun.
  Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) can self-balance because of a technology called dynamic stabilization. Dynamic Stabilization works in much the same way your own sense of balance does. Where you have an inner ear, eyes, muscles, and a brain to keep you balanced, the Segway PT has solid-state gyroscopes, tilt sensors, high-speed microprocessors, and powerful electric motors performing to keep it balanced. Working in concert, these extensively tested, redundant systems sense your center of gravity, instantaneously assess the information, and make minute adjustments one hundred times a second. Segway PT balances whether you're traveling at 10 mph, carrying a heavy load, slowly maneuvering in tight spaces, or standing perfectly still.

Lean forward, go forward
The Segway PT intuitively balances the way humans do—moving forward and backward, responding to changes in your body's position. There is no accelerator and no brakes. Lean forward and you move forward. Straighten up and you stop. Lean back, and you move back. To turn, rotate the steering grip under your wrist in either direction.

Operation is natural, intuitive, and one of the primary reasons Segway PT so seamlessly integrates into enterprise situations, pedestrian environments, and everyday life.

Designed to go anywhere you go
Segway HT i180 The Segway PT is agile and graceful, and can operate on a variety of terrains. Hills, grass, inclines and dirt pose no obstacle to its ability to go where you want to go. Like a person walking, all that a Segway Personal Transporter requires is traction to operate in virtually any environment.

The Segway PT has been engineered from the ground-up to operate under a wide range of conditions. Its electronics, batteries, motors and all other components are environmentally sealed to protect them from harsh and changing environments. The Segway PT has been extensively tested to withstand vibration, varying temperatures, and exposure to moisture.